Wednesday, August 29, 2007

FSF to Microsoft: Fuck You!

The Free Software Fundamentalists (FSF) issued a press release saying that Microsoft can't exempt from the GPL:

Microsoft cannot declare itself exempt from the requirements of GPLv3....Microsoft cannot by any act of anticipatory repudiation divest itself of its obligation to respect others' copyrights. If Microsoft distributes our works licensed under GPLv3, or pays others to distribute them on its behalf, it is bound to do so under the terms of that license. It may not do so under any other terms; it cannot declare itself exempt from the requirements of GPLv3.

Microsoft has said that it expects respect for its so-called "intellectual property" -- a propaganda term designed to confuse patent law with copyright and other unrelated laws, and to muddy the different issues they raise. We will ensure -- and, to the extent of our resources, assist other GPLv3 licensors in ensuring -- that Microsoft respects our copyrights and complies with our licenses.

First of all, who do the freetards think they are. This is Microsoft they're talking to. One of the most powerful corporations in the world. Do they really think Microsoft won't crush them in court?

Second, why would Microsoft use any GPL software at all? Imagine you go to the butcher and you see two piles of pork chops, one says "Free (but with GPL virus)" and has a peculiar color, and the other one says "$5" and looks great. Which one would you choose?