Tuesday, December 11, 2007



Had Merriam-Webster asked me (they did not), the 2007 "word of the year" might have been git, huckster, or, possibly, toadeater. (My mechanic, he likes to pad the bill.) But Merriam-Webster asked the Internet, and the Internet chose "w00t," complete with two zeros. Welcome to the wisdom of crowds.

Yes, 2007's word of the year is "w00t," an expression so likely to die off in the near future that I can just about see its pallbearers lining up down the hall. Merriam-Webster offers this definition for those not quite l33t enough to spend their lives in online chatrooms: "expressing joy; similar in use to the word yay."

I repeat: the nerds are taking over our language. Beware.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Freetards Stealing

Fake Steve:

A company called Lancor claims OLPC bought two of its keyboards, copied the software for adding accents used in Nigerian language keyboards, and then open-sourced the copied software. They're suing for patent infringement in Nigeria. See here. Money quote: "They didn't try to hide anything. They just copied everything verbatim. They took our code and made it open source for all the world to see."

Response from freetard blogs has been what you'd expect. Of course there can't be even a grain of truth in this because freetards would never steal. Therefore the explanation must be one of these: There are no patents in Nigeria; the stuff Lancor created isn't that innovative, ergo copying it wasn't wrong even if it was patented; the guys running Lancor are just a bunch of 419 scammers, because you know how shifty those Nigerians are, right? Hoo boy. That's going to help the cause.

This is just Disgusting

I posted before with pictures like these, but this one... Gosh. The profanity. It's even licensed under the GPL.

The first GPL-ed Linux butt, ladies and gentlemen...