Friday, July 13, 2007

Being a Geek

Here's a set of slides from Philip S Tellis, whoever that may be, about "Being a Geek" and how great it is. Essentially a set of propaganda slides. He starts with a couple of -- what he calls -- myths:

  • An obsession with books, studies, gadgets?
  • Wearing thick glasses?
  • Having no [social] life?
  • Speaking in large incomprehensible terms and not caring about sport?
I'm impressed by this self-knowledge, Philip obviously being a geek himself. Now we're of course all excited to see these myths being debunked. And finally on the twelfth slide they are:
  • Geeks like to study
  • Not all geeks wear glasses. Some use lenses.
  • Geeks have great social lives, and very large social networks
  • Geeks are active in sport like UT, Warcraft and Everquest
'nuff said.

Another interesting thing is on slide eleven "So What about Linux and FOSS?" Now FOSS, if I'm not mistaken, stands for Free and Open Source Software. So this basically translates to "So What about Ancient Operating Systems and Fundamentalism and Extremism?" According to the slide "Geeks love FOSS". This moves geeks up high on my list of enemies.