Thursday, July 12, 2007

Free Phone

The free software losers did it again. They were jealous of the success of the Apple iPhone, so what do they do? They make an inferior product in which they copy as much as they can get away with. Look at these beauties:

Nice job on the drop shadows on that image guys. Couldn't use the nice reflection thing right, then it would have been too obvious. Honestly though, this thing looks like crap. What's this stupid wheel shaped thingie at the bottom left of the screen, a steering wheel or something?

But the best thing is yet to come. How would you call this sucker? Clearly, it has to be something with "open" right, because oh no, let's not even think about being original. Now, try to imagine you're a tremendous nerd and have to come up with a name for a phone. You want to break out of your room-sized world by doing something rebellious. So what do you call this sucker?


Yes. Open. Moko. A moko is some kind of tattoo apparently. Very cool guys. Their tag line: "open. mobile. free." Incidentally, this is the typical FSF definition of free -- meaning $300 if you buy an alpha quality product and $450 for a beta. The iPhone goes for $500, guys, and is a chick magnet. Something running something called OpenMoko and called a "Neo", hardly does it.

Yes, the first OpenMoko phone to come out is called, wait for it, the Neo1973. Two things:

  1. Neo. Really? You don't think the world thinks you are hardcore nerds already? How about calling it the Skywalker phone, and referring to the iPhone as the DarthPhone?
  2. 1973. This is the best thing ever. You're backdating this thing 34 years, honestly? It's based on Linux, which is a Unix system which was probably last updated in 1973, so that is very honest of you guys. Hah!
Congrats guys.