Saturday, July 21, 2007

Reddit Laptop Auction

Two of the guys that started Reddit are now auctioning off the laptops that they used to build Reddit and are giving the money to charity, to the American Brain Tumor Association no less. Now the American Brain Tumor Association is a great organization, I'm not going to mean about that. I think it's great that they sell their old junk and give the money to charity.

One word to potential buyers, however: you're crazy if you buy this stuff. It's from the Reddit founders! Reddit is the whore house of the free software movement. Powerbooks are cool things (although filled up with GPL software), but these thing have been contaminated by nerdiness. If you put a bid on these things the only reason I can think of is the charity, well here's an idea: you can also give that money directly so you don't get to keep this junk in your house, plus the charity gets about $60 more because you save on shipping costs. Here's their website.

Just an idea.