Saturday, August 25, 2007

"Web 2.0 Tools Favor Democrats"

Read/Write Web writes (nice alliteration huh?) that web 2.0 tools favor democrats. The proof they have for this is that the Democratic candidates have far more "friends" on social networks like facebook and myspace than the republicans do. There's two things I'd like to say to that.

One, this means that there's more democrats using these "web 2.0 tools", not that the tools themselves favor democrats.


Second, of course this is the case. Republicans are conservative -- like me. They don't care about all this web 2.0 horse shit. Yeah, they sometimes participate in these silly things because they have to when challenged by hippy democrats. And sure, they don't have lots of those 16-year-old look-at-my-nipples-through-my-wet-shirt party-pic-posting virtual friends on the Internet, they have actual friends. And powerful ones at that. That's how the real world works.