Friday, August 24, 2007

Alert: New Sys Admin

We got a new sys admin in our department. Yes, this may surprise you, but I do have a job. Don't worry, what we do strictly involves Microsoft-related technologies. Our system administrator, let's call him Frank, was a great guy. He always solved any problems I had with my Windows box instantly (but of course, this hardly occurred, it being, you know, Windows). He taught me a whole lot about Windows and other great Microsoft products.

But he's retiring. In a week he's gone. An hour ago I met his replacement, who he'll show around for the next week to show how things are organized here.

The new sys admin is a gal. And a not too bad looking one at that. Oh no, I see what you're thinking. I'm married, have been for 26 years. I have two children. I'm not the kind of guy who has office romances. But still it's strange to see an attractive woman work the computers like that.

"Hey, I'm Dee." she said when she entered my office. What followed was the usual chit chat, about who I was, how long I had been working there and so forth. She turned out to be 25, it's not really clear from her stories what she did before. Travel or something. Of course I told here about how very fond of Frank I had been, and how I liked to keep everything the same as it was before. "I don't know about that." she said. "I was hired on the basis of a cost-cutting program, so things'll change around here."

I wasn't too pleased to hear that. But the most disturbing part was about to come. "Psst," she whispered. "Don't tell anyone, but look what I got up my sleeve." She pulled up her sleeve and I was completely shocked when I saw what she had there.

Linux tattoo

"That... that's... great." I murmured. "Look Dee, I really got to be going back to work. It was nice to meet you."