Monday, August 27, 2007

Let's Name an MP3 Player!

MP3 players are hot. Well, one in particular -- the iPod. But let's say that we're going to compete with Apple and have designed our own MP3 player. It's totally awesome. We made it black and beautiful.

Here's a pic.


Ok, so how do we call this baby? The cool thing is to let it start with an 'i'. Like iPod. Now what do we put behind this 'i'? How about 'Beat'? I mean it's a music player and music can't do without beats! Yeah, great idea. So let's call it 'iBeat', except that's too obviously a copy of iPod, so let's subtilize it a bit: i.Beat. ok?

Now we have to add something to that. Something to make clear it's the black edition, because well, we might make other colors right? We're using cool slang language anyway, so let's say we don't say 'black', which would be too obvious, but say 'blaxx' instead. How about that?

We'll call this thing the i.Beat blaxx!