Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Linux Foundation: "Microsoft Deserves Respect"

Another example of watch-me-pretending-to-be-nice-while-I-fart-in-your-face freetard talk.


VNU.co.uk talked to Jim Zemlin, exectuve director for the Linux Foundation:

As Linux has become a mainstream operating system, it is exiting the first stage of its life. The second stage requires a different strategy form the first one, said the Linux promotor.

Let me stop you right there Mr. Zemlin: in your dreams. Linux is not a mainstream operating system and it never will be. But alright, you were supposed to say something nice, so go ahead.
Open source vendors have to recognise that Windows is here to stay and that together with Microsoft it will form a duopoly in the market for operating systems. This also requires that the Linux community respects Microsoft rather than ridicule it.

I agree, Microsoft deserved to be respected rather than ridiculed.

But now the fart-in-your-face part:
"There are some things that Windows does pretty well," Zemlin said. Microsoft for instance has excelled in marketing the operating system, and has a good track record in fending off competition.

This may look like a compliment. Yes, in our world marketing and fending off competition are the gods we worship, but in the weirdo Linux world, marketing is a cuss word. And if there's something the freetards hate about Microsoft it's their market domination strategy. Mr. Zemlin is in fact insulting Microsoft here by not mentioning Microsoft's true strength: making frickin' good software.

We're on to you Mr. Zemlin, don't take us for retards.