Monday, August 6, 2007

The Virus Spreads to Europe

The FSF virus has spread to europe. In the form of a "fellowship" no less. I had hoped that this craziness would just remain a US thing, or US and Africa at most. I mean, the people in Africa are poor, they need cheap software. But no, there's now also free software fundamentalism in Europe.

This is the place where the Fellows of the Free Software Foundation Europe meet and come together to share ideas, collaborate on projects and inform each other about what is going on in the world of Free Software. The Fellowship is a community of people who take interest in the multiple interactions of Free Software with economy, politics, science and society and seek to change things for the better.

It's saying, "we have belief that software should be free -- which is the one true belief -- and thou, people of Europe, shallt be converted." Pure fundamentalism. And nobody seems to care.

The FSFE (Free Software Foundation Europe) even openly talks about how they are going to conceal their evil plots, namely using a crypto card:
When you join the Fellowship Community, you will automatically receive two letters: One containing your personalised Fellowship crypto card, a smart card containing state-of-the-art hardware encryption, and another one containing administrative information for the Fellowship crypto card.

Using this you can then encrypt your e-mail. Joining the fellowship costs 150 euro (around $200). That's what they call a free organization.

The FSFE has fun too. Scary fun. They have banners with slogans (containing linguistic jokes):


Plus they have a section called "Fellowship Everywhere", subtitle "The Fellowship is everywhere. Check out these pictures as proof." Luckily these pictures are still mostly mockups and logos painted on nails.

But even so, the FSF has spread to Europe which is bad, bad news. What can we do about it? Ignore them. Pretend they don't exist. I mean literally, if you meet someone who's part of this, just stop talking to them. Lock them out of your life. Plus, if you see posters or other propaganda, rip it of and burn it.