Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gimme Gimme Gimme

Britney Spears finally is back in the business with a new single and I think a new CD soon (can't wait!). A few days ago Britney performed on the MTV MVAs. Here's the video (yeah on YouTube, but ripped from commercial TV).

Not bad huh? I have been a Britney Spears fan from day one. She's one of the best examples of America's perfected pop star production lines. Great music. Nice girl. Very talented.

However, one of her so-called "fans" recorded a video supposedly defending her (don't ask me against who or why) and put it on YouTube. Here you go.

First of all, this is a guy. Yeah, you wouldn't say, but it is. Second, what a whiner. Third, this video was on CNN. Yes, on regular TV. Why? Why would you let a stupid guy having nothing coherent to say on TV? The result? Over a million people watched this video on YouTube.

What a waste of bandwidth. What a waste of time.