Thursday, September 20, 2007

GNU Paranoia

Jose E. Marchesi-jemarch-conf.jpgEver heard of GNU Hurd? No, well that's not surprising. Hurd was/is going to be the kernel part of the GNU operating system.

"Don't freetards already have plenty of kernels? What about Linux?" You might ask. Valid question! The answer is quoted on Jose Marchesi -- if you look on his website you can see the Free Software Fundamentalism dripping off it, King Richard will be proud -- has the following to say on Hurd:

I can tell you what is my idea about this. My interest in having a GNU kernel for the GNU operating system has nothing to do with technical aspects, but with polithics [sic].

The Linux development is managed by a person who doesnt agree with the ideals of the free software movement. I cannot trust that person. AFAIK the copyright holder for Solaris is SUN. I cannot trust that company.

Linux is released under the terms of the GPL version 2, and it seems that the Solaris kernel will be released under the terms of the GPL version 3. That is: free kernels. But the FSF may need to write a new version of the GPL in the future to face new problems. Will torvalds or SUN switch to that new license?

To be quite honest I sometimes wonder why I keep trying to find new crazy things some FSF-er says. Wake up people, isn't it obvious these guys are dangerous? They are preparing to kill capitalism and promote communism. The Russians are back. For now it's only software, but they're doing scaringly well. More and more people, and even some push-over companies, have turned to the dark side already.

Wake up people and remove all free software from your hard disk now!