Monday, October 15, 2007

Fake King Richard is Here, Hooray...

The Free Diary of Richard Stallman:

Hi everyone. My name is Richard Stallman, but you can call me rms. I am the founder of the GNU Project, which, launched in 1983, is a project to successfully program a free software replica of the UNIX operating system. Two years later, in 1985, I started the Free Software Foundation (more commonly referred to as the FSF) both to sponsor the GNU project and harbor more free software.

I use a computer running GNU/Linux (incorrectly referred to as just Linux, as Linux is just the kernel), and live and work in the Boston-area.

Unlike Steve Ballmer and Steve Jobs, I have chosen to write on the WordPress platform, which is completely, 100% free, using their service. I appreciate being able to use totally free software to write into and read this ‘blog,’ as this type of thing is commonly known.

Fear not, I will have lots to write about, as there is just so much going on (good and bad) in the free software/GNU/Linux communities that I feel the need to comment on.

Some weeks ago I talked about why a Fake Richard would make no sense for two reasons:
  1. He's already fake enough by himself. Have you read his writing? It's essentially pure parody of himself.
  2. It would be dead boring. When you'd read some articles on his website (I don't recommend it) you already fall asleep half-way through. Why read a blog that is fake and boring?

And it turns I was right. Fake King Richard is boring, very boring. Some other fake blogs are amusing from time to time because of character flaws that can be amusing, or they are simply amusing people in real life. Not the case for Richard. His character flaws are not funny. He is not funny. Even when he's fake, he's not funny

Plus Fake King Richard is even fake in the sense he sounds nothing like the real version, his posts are not nearly fundamental enough. His blog is not licensed under some freetard license for example and he actually considers proprietary devices and software, which is something that the real King Richard would never do.

Do your homework fake Richard.