Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mark Zuckerberg "Most Influential Person in Tech Industry"?

MarkZuckerberg.jpgThis is just insane.


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has today been named the most influential person in the high-tech industry by a panel of experts in the eighth annual Agenda Setter’s poll by The Agenda Setters Top 50 focuses on the people driving and shaping the tech industry in 2007 and is a barometer of success within the IT sector.

Mark Zuckerberg rocketed to the top spot above the likes of Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt and Rupert Murdoch, after failing to appear at all in last year’s rankings. Launched just three and a half years ago, Facebook’s popularity has exploded in 2007, with the social networking giant growing to more than 42 million active users across the world. In the UK alone, the site has tripled its reach from 2.7 million users to 9 million users in the past six months.

I think we really have to worry about a world where a guy who runs a business that is built on a virtual "friends" network becomes the most influential person in the IT industry. What influence has he had, really, other than on his own homepage?