Friday, October 19, 2007

People Don't Like Me, Part 27

Beyond being conservative, I'm also a shameless self promotor and self-lover. I love it when people respond to my persona. After yesterday's short post, Dawn, who is in fact a dude, says "WTF?"

He gives a very interesting summary of what I've been saying these past couple of months:

To be fair, he shares my disdain for Richard Stallman’s antics. That’s great. I’ll buy him a beer on account of that. Unfortunately, he goes from being pragmatic to just plain bizarre in claiming:
  • Open Source software is the work of Communists hell-bent on destroying capitalism.

  • The OpenMoko phone is somehow related to the threat of global terrorism and September 11th.

  • DRM-free music is somehow a bad thing

Now, although I might have once insinuated each of these, he's taking them out of context in a gross manner. But that's ok, we all make mistakes sometimes. And although he is a Linux lover, he does hate King Richard, so I would accept his beer.