Tuesday, November 20, 2007


The great computer company Asus got a brilliant idea when some of its employees were having lunch with their freetard friends. The freetards had this problem that nobody wanted to use their operating system (Linux) on the desktop, and Asus had the problem that nobody was all that interested in their computers anymore. So, they came up with something revolutionary. They thought, if we make our crappy computers and your crappy operating system really tiny, maybe the crappiness will also decrease! "Let's use left-over technology from the previous century and build something everybody will want!"

ASUS eee

The Asus EEE! It's a great laptop with 256MB or more memory and a disk drive of 2 up to 8 GB, just like in the '90s! It has a whopping 900Mhz processor and a great 800x480 7" display. A great moment to pull out the magnifying glass again!

This thing has been out for only a little while and people are already fed up with the freetard OS that it's running, trying to install proprietary operating systems like Mac OS X. A version with Windows XP is coming.

Ah, the sanity.