Monday, August 13, 2007

All 10 OpenMoko Phones Sold And The Proof That OpenMoko Guys Are Terrorists

openmoko.pngSorry for the extremely long title, but this is really two interesting stories in one. This appeared on Technocrat:

OpenMoko, the first Open Source cell phone, has sold out the entire planned production run for the device's developer preview after unexpected demand. No more units until September 10, when they can finish another production run.

Yes, all 10 OpenMoko phones have been sold out. King Richard called the OpenMoko a very successful release that went beyond his wildest (wet) dreams. Apparently there are more than 10 freetards willing to purchase a $300-$450 phone in pre-alpha state of development, running software that is free.

Even more interesting is the the date that the second production run will be finished -- September 10th. Now, when would you guess these phone will be sent out. How about one day later? Which would be September 11th. Coincidence?

America prepare.