Monday, August 13, 2007

Google Pack to Include StarOffice

If there's one piece of shit office suite, it's this dreadful thing called OpenOffice. I talked about the complete superfluity of other office suites than the office (meaning Microsoft Office) before, so I won't repeat myself. There is one thing a tad less dreadful than OpenOffice and that is StarOffice, which is the pimped OpenOffice that is being sold by Sun for $69.95. StarOffice adds some proprietary coating to OpenOffice, which, quite frankly, doesn't make that much of a difference.

Anyhoo, Google is now going to bundle StarOffice, not OpenOffice, with Google Pack. This can be a seen as an attempt to give open source haters, like myself, some love. Still it's not very convincing as Google continues to invest in freetard1-run projects.

Also, the Google Pack is free (as in $0) software, so so much for Sun making any money.

1) I decided to adopt the term freetard, originally coined by the late Fake Steve Jobs, who, although fake, still had some original and good ideas.