Tuesday, August 7, 2007

OpenMoko Unboxing "Experience"

I talked about OpenMoko before. Essentially it's an FSF iPhone cloning project, except it looks worse has a worse UI and runs Linux. Enough reason not to buy it, but still, people do.

Here's someone who documented the unboxing "experience". I must say, it put a smile on my face. Have you ever seen the iPhone being unboxed? Here's some pictures. The iPhone comes with 5 things in the box: earbuds, computer-connect cable, a dock, a connection adapter (or something) and the phone itself. Everything is beautifully styled. The phone is classy black and the utilities classy white. The box it comes in is surprisingly small.


Now enter the OpenMoko phone. Here's the OpenMoko suitcase (the two cool phones in the front are not included):


And then, this is the contents if you unpack the OpenMoko suitcase:


The best bit is the little booklet at the bottom left. See what it says? "Some assembly required." This makes the OpenMoko unboxing experience a true Linux experience: it does not work out of the box. You first have to get your soldering iron out, and use the included screwdriver. And after a few days of assembling, if you're lucky, you can boot the thing up and then, after five minutes of booting, you can make a call (if that part of the software came out of alpha).

iPhone eat your heart out.