Monday, September 17, 2007

Fake Richard Stallman

richard.jpegThe Free Meme:

It just stroke me today: the Internet seems awash in Fake Secret Diaries and Blogs.

There is a Fake Steve Jobs, and look: a fake Billy G! We even have a (grin) fake Ballmer (throws fake chairs, and, occasionally, some stool).

But guess what. As of today, there is no Fake Diary of Richard Stallman! Wow. Is this because the guy is irrelevant and / or not funny? Shame on you if that's what you think.

My guess is that there is no fake RMS out there because he has placed his rotund image under the GPL (v3).

Someone must have told him "Hey Dick, go GPL yourself".

Here's three reasons why there's no fake King Richard blog:
  1. He's already fake enough by himself. Have you read his writing? It's essentially pure parody of himself.
  2. It would be dead boring. When you'd read some articles on his website (I don't recommend it) you already fall asleep half-way through. Why read a blog that is fake and boring?