Monday, September 17, 2007

The OpenMoko Killer App: Erlang

It took them a while, but finally they found something. The application that will make all other mobile phones look silly and redundant. Is it a built-in fan? An awesome word processor? A speech transcriber maybe?

No, it's functional programming language called Erlang!

This evening, after fighting bitbake (in the form of the capricious "insane.bbclass" class definition) for a good few hours, I managed to get Erlang version R11B-5 running on my new cellphone.

Running the interactive erlang shell on a cellphone is pretty cool.

So now, finally, while waiting our date to come back from the bathroom we can program cool Erlang functional programs on our phones. For example to create a welcome message for when she comes back, using sixteen nested map and reduce operations! "Welcome back Nancy!" That'll make an impression.