Monday, September 10, 2007

From the Comments

Two comments on two comments on the GPL to the Lay story.

rohitj says:

I am surprised that you are generalizing open office situation to other Open Source softwares (which I think is pretty silly of you). Linux is the future. And Dell's move of giving laptops with Ubuntu surely proves that. And you know that. Right?

Yeah, Dell's a weird company. Rumor goes that the only reason they are putting Linux on computers now is to be able to hire more die-hard nerds that can fix their PCs. Dell has a big problem keeping up with all the broken Dell's comin in. They simply cannot hire enough people to fix all these pieces of junk. So how do you become more attractive to the nerd crowd? Show Linux some lovin'. Pathetic, but that's how it works.

And as far as GPL is concerned, don't forget that it's GPL because of which open source community is becoming stronger and stronger. Don't forget how ODF defeated OOXML.

Yes, open source is growing strong and stronger because of the GPL. That's exactly my point. The GPL has to be stopped. Now. And ODF defeated OOXML? Says who?

And it's GPL which is allowing creative minds to do creative work. Right?

Sure, dream on. So far I haven't seen much creativity from any freetard.

The second comment is from Maciek:
As CONSERVATIVE you should respectsuch international authorities as ISO/IEC... and as for today: ISO/IEC 26300 (known as ODF; document format supported by Open Office) is oficially approved international standard... while Microsoft's file format was recently REJECTED

I do respect ISO a bit. But do realize these are very political organizations. Things are not ratified as standards because of their quality, but because of political reasons. This time Microsoft was unlucky (don't know the details, maybe they have to improve OOXML a bit). But many things Microsoft proposed (such as C# and the .NET framework) have been ratified as standards. Plus Microsoft makes the best implementations of ISO standards like C.