Monday, September 10, 2007

Why Apple is Great

iphone and jobs.jpg

Apple sure knows how to exploit its market position. First they sell lots of iPhones. They come with only a few ring tones -- you cannot add more. Not until the recent media event organized by Apple. Now it is possible to make and load your own ring tones on your iPhone. Can you just put any MP3 file as a ring tone? No, you can only extract 30 second samples of some iTunes music store songs. And for the service of cutting 30 seconds off a song you already paid for, you pay an additional $0.99. So that's $0.99 for the song + $0.99 for some audio editing.

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. You see, on the OpenMoko phones this could never work. Open platforms are no fun, particularly profit-making trick wise.

And I'm not even mentioning the $200 price drop of the iPhone. It is now even cheaper than the pre-alpha quality OpenMoko Neo1973.