Monday, October 8, 2007

The Freetard Way of "Hyping"

Boycott Novell (great blog, *cough*):

Here is a video that hypes up the impending release of OpenMoko.

Here's the video:

Ok, now be honest. Is it me, or are you too bored 20 seconds into this video that's supposed to "hype Openmoko"? The music is boring and repetitive and what does it show? Camera moves over a OpenMoko device. What is immediately apparent is that it doesn't look that cool at all. The widgets on the screen are badly styled. Luckily the camera moves quick enough not to be able to see all that unless you look very carefully (I did). So what's left is a video essentially avoiding showing you the phone with boring music. And it lasts like a minute and a half. Honestly, what can you show in a minute and a half that you can't show in thirty seconds? Especially when it comes to freetard devices that nobody wants to use anyway?

Great ad campaign.