Friday, October 12, 2007

Real Freedom

From the comments:

Being a conservative, I'd have thought you'd support something as american as freedom? :)

I am for freedom, but the kind of kind of freedom that makes sense. Not the kind of freedom that nobody cares about. Like the freedom to wave your hands while taking a shower. As I said many times before, most of the "freedom" that Free Software gives you is absolutely not interesting to 90% of the people. The question then is, what's the cost of this so-called "freedom"? You have to be pragmatic sometimes.

The fact that I am conservative does not mean I want us to go back to the '80s, technology wise. I am an IT guy, things have to move forward, that's what's this business is based on. The command line interface, still being an essential part of all of the freetard operating systems, is something that became obsolete in the '80s, when the first graphical operating systems were introduced, most notably the Macintosh, shortly followed by Windows.

So now let's say that this so-called freedom that Free Software gives you actually means anything, what would that mean for normal people. Not you, your mom. It would mean that we would use operating systems like Linux. Meaning that mom would have to read big manuals again, learn how to compile a kernel, do error-prone editing of configuration files in Emacs. Is that really what we want? No, we want progress in IT. And lots of progress has been made in commercial products. Freetard software is lagging behind by over 20 years.

That's the practical answer. The other, more fundamental issue is FSF. Not the Free Software Foundation, but Free Software Fundamentalism. People like Richard Stallman, who have the fundamental belief that all software should be free. All books should be free, essentially everything should be free. This is a ridiculous idea and a scary one.

Fundamentalism is scary and bad and should be fought. We're in war in Iraq and Afghanistan right now to hunt down fundamentalists. We should do the same in our own country. Because, as I said many times before, the real threatening fundamentalists are the ones that are killing the very foundation our country is built on: capitalism. Giving into the freetard fundamentalists is going back to communism. Is that what we want?