Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Version Control "Update"

Dee (for those who don't know, this is Dee), as I said some time back has been upgrading our version control system. We always used Microsoft's Visual SourceSafe which worked great. It was quick, integrates well into Visual Studio, was reliable. Dee was hired here to cut costs. VisualSource Safe is not free, so she cut it.

This is what I found on our intranet bulletin board: "We got rid of SourceSafe and replaced it with Subversion, you can find more information on http://subversion.tigris.org". That's it. Our SourceSafe stopped working and now, supposedly we have to use Subversion. I spent hours looking how to get it to work, eventually found a freetard GUI tool (TortoiseSVN) for Windows. It works, but it slows down my computer a lot. Plus, it does not integrate into Visual Studio!

Also, the migration of data was simply a check-out of SourceSafe and a check-in into subversion. Meaning all of our history is lost. Great job Dee!

Management at this company has a really bad idea of cutting costs. It's not about software costs, it's about total cost of ownership and use. If I spent hours learning a new system, lose months of work (in old revisions). Have to switch between Explorer and Visual studio all the time, this costs money too. Probably more than this lousy SourceSafe license fee...