Monday, October 1, 2007

Apple is Getting Microsoftier

I have noticed that Apple isn't so bad when it comes to acting like a proper capitalist company. People always thought of Microsoft as the evil corporation that exploited its customers up to the bone and Apple of the poor underdog that lost from Microsoft. However, Apple regained strength, made some powerful alliances, most notably with Microsoft to produce an Office Suite (Microsoft Office) and browser (Internet Explorer) for its Mac platform.

Apple made lots of these deals. It made sure its operating system worked well with other operating systems and in non-Apple environments. It worked well with Windows, it worked well with UNIX.

Now, Apple is getting a dominant player in both PC and music device market. The Apple iPod is the most popular MP3 player on the planet and Apple uses this dominance to push a few other of its products, such as the iTunes Music Store. Where Apple used to make sure it cooperated well with other companies' products, it now locks them out. A few years ago, some company (Real?) tried to make its DRM-protected music play on the iPod. Apple sued them. More recently, with the new iPod series, Apple locked Linux users and other users who do not use Apple's iTunes player to manager their music out.

Apple no longer has to be BFF with every other company to survive. It can stand on its own legs now. Better yet, other companies (for example the iPod accessory makers) need Apple to survive. Chances have turned and Apple can now show its real face. A face that is not unlike Microsoft, and I predict even more aggressive, except with a sex-symbol as a front-man, who will tell us it's all going to be alright.

Good news for its shareholders, which I recently joined myself. Long live the American system.